Lehrerin unserer Mädchenschule in Afghanistan berichtet von ihrem Alltag vor Ort

Seit Beginn diesen Jahres unterstützen wir eine Mädchenklasse in Kabul. Eine junge Lehrerin unterrichtet mit großem Engagement und Mut 20 Schülerinnen in Englisch und Mathematik. Für uns berichtet sie aus ihrem Alltag in Afghanistan, der sich seit der Machtübernahme der Taliban drastisch verändert hat. Ein bewegender Bericht, der auch zeigt, wie bedeutend der Unterricht für die Mädchen ist.

Danke, dass Sie dies mit ermöglichen!

Hello, have a good time, God bless you all, my name is Mashar (Name geändert).

I want to write a few lines for you about my life in the current situation in Afghanistan after the arrival of the Taliban government or the same terrorist group that destroyed Afghanistan two decades ago.

I’m a young afghan girl. Before the arrival of the Taliban government, Afghanistan was settled, every girl had the right to choose and be independent. Every girl and woman could study and work without any opposition. Currently, it has been more than two years since the Taliban government came to Afghanistan. Not only are women and girls forbidden to go to school and work, they are not even allowed to leave the house. I lose hope every morning when I see such difficult conditions in my country. We don’t have the right to work, we don’t have the right to continue studying, not even the right to go outside. Sometimes when we go out of the house to buy something we need, we have to cover ourselves from head to toe with a black hijab and burqa according to the law of the Taliban government. In order to have the right to go out, we must comply with the law of the Taliban government, which is very painful. In Taliban government offices, women and girls do not have the right to do any kind of work.

At present, most of the men do not have a job, the society of Afghanistan is moving towards poverty. All of us Afghans are living under extreme poverty, there is no work or duty, we cannot even buy our daily necessities. For example, I am a young girl, the head of my family became unemployed with the arrival of the Taliban government. I am a doctor myself, but there is no place for me to work, nor to continue my education so that I can’t  help my family. My parents are old, they have diabetes and high blood pressure, their medicine must be taken. I made every effort to find a job and support my family, but unfortunately nothing was found for me. There was no bread to eat in our house for days, we used to wake up hungry at night. It is very difficult to live in the current conditions in Afghanistan, people live in extreme poverty. Most of the people of Afghanistan risk their lives to smuggle themselves out in order to reach a country where they can help their families. Most of them lose their lives due to the danger of smuggling. Because there is no money, the work environment is not favorable and the conditions are getting worse day by day.

Most of the Afghan women and girls are deeply depressed because of the current situation that the Taliban have deprived them of all their rights. So much so that some of them killed themselves in the same way. No matter how much I write about the current situation and the influence of the Taliban government, the books will be filled. In summary, in the hope of a day when we Afghan women and girls will be able to enjoy our rights like in other countries, we will have the right to freedom of study.

With respect, Mashar.